This expertise webtool is a gateway to research groups, centres and departments in the YUFE universities. It can be used to find a potential Supervisor (Host University) and co-Supervisor (Co-host University).

The YUFE universities welcome candidates for positions in all of their faculties and research groups.  In the University of Maastricht however, postdoc positions are offered only by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Economics & Business and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

There is no restriction for co-Supervisors: all YUFE universities (including University of Maastricht) welcome candidates to approach co-Supervisors in  all their faculties, departments, centres or research groups.

Any queries relating to the webtool or general queries about the Y4P program can be sent to the YUFE4Postdocs Helpdesk mailbox:

For specific queries relating to the expertise within the YUFE Host universities, you can contact the assigned Navigator:  they will assist applicants in finding a Supervisor and/or co-Supervisor.


How to search the inventory

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“Agustín Millares” Institute of Documentation and Information Management

“Alonso Martínez” Institute for Justice and Litigation

“Álvaro Alonso Barba” Institute of Chemistry and Materials Technology

“Conde de Campomanes” Institute of Entrepreneurial and Family Business

“Duque de Santomauro” Institute of Motor Vehicle Safety

“Figuerola” Institute of History and Social Sciences

“Flores de Lemus” Institute

“Francisco de Vitoria” Institute of International and European Studies

“Gregorio Millán Barbany” University Institute for Modelling and Simulation in Fluid Dynamics, nanoscience and industrial mathematics

“Gregorio Peces-Barba” Institute of Human Rights

“Juan Luis Vives” Social Security Institute

“Juan Velázquez de Velasco” University Research Institute for Security and Defence Intelligence

“Julio Caro Baroja” University Institute of Historiography

“Lucio Anneo Séneca” Institute of Classical Studies on Society and Politics

“Manuel Garcia Pelayo” Institute of Comparative Public Law

“Pascual Madoz” Institute of Land, Urbanism and Environment

“Pedro Juan de Lastanosa” Institute of Technology Development and Innovation

3D printing of dosage forms

A New Agenda for Nurse Educator Education in Europe

Academy of Applied Arts

Accountancy and Finance

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Information Management (AIM)


Adolescent psyhiatry: The youth wellbeing study and REAL-SMART project

ADReM Data Lab (ADReM)

Advanced Materials for solar energy applications

Advanced Materials Mechanics

Aerosol Physics

Aerospace Engineering Laboratory

Aerospace Engineering Research Group

Algebra, Geometrie

Algebra, Grundlagen der Mathematik

Algorithmic data analysis

allg. BWL insb. Finanzwirtschaft

Allg. BWL, insb. Unternehmensrechnung und Controlling

Allg. EW mdS Bildungstheorie

Allgemeine Psychologie

Allgemeine u vergl Sprachwissenschaft

Allgemeine und Theoretische Ökologie

Alte Geschichte

Alzheimer’s disease Follow-Up Study (ALSOVA)

AMIBM Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials

Amorphous formulations


Analysis of Resource Contents for Information Organization and Policies in a Knowledge Society (ACROPOLIS)

Analytical unit of the School of Pharmacy

Analytics, Media and Public Engagement: Communication, Journalism and Technology Laboratory (UC3M MediaLab)


Anesthesiology, reanimatology, emergency and intensive care medicine

Angewandte Geografie (Raumplanung)

Angewandte Linguistik mdS Textproduktionsforschung

Angewandte Optik

Angewandte Philosophie

Angewandte Statistik und Biometrie

Anglistik, Literaturwiss.

Anglophone and Transcultural Literatures and Cultures

Animal physiology

Anorganische Chemie

Antenna Laboratory

Antwerp Centre for Digital humanities and literary Criticism (ACDC)

Antwerp Centre for Institutions and Multi-Level Politics (ACIM)

Antwerp Cultural Heritage Sciences (ARCHES)

Antwerp Electrochemical and Analytical Sciences Lab (A-Sense Lab)

Antwerp Media in Society Centre (AMSoC)

Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA)

Antwerp Surgical Training, Anatomy and Research Centre (ASTARC)

Antwerp Systems and software Modelling (AnSyMo)

Antwerp X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy (AXIS)

Applied Analysis

Applied Artificial Intelligence Group (GIAA)

Applied chemistry

Applied Electrochemistry & Catalysis (ELCAT)

Applied mathematics

Applied Mathemtics, Control Systems and Signals

Applied statistics and statistical machine learning

Appropriate Technologies for Sustainable Development Group

Aquatic and behavioral ecology

Aquatic ecotoxicology

Archaeological Research Unit

Archimedes Research Center for Structural and Construction Technology

Archimedes Research Center for Structural and Construction Technology

artec – Research Center for Sustainability Studies

Artefact and Landscape Studies Laboratory

Artistic Thought and Visual Reality

Arts, Media and Culture

Assistive Technologies Laboratory – TECASIST

Asymmetry, Persistence and Volatility in Economic Variables

Atomic Force Microscopy Laboratory

Audio-Visual Media and Historiography; Digital Communication and Information Diversity; Film, Media Art and Popular Culture; Information Management and Media; Communication History and Media Change; Datafication and Mediatization; Media Education and Educational Media; Media and Religion; Platform Governance, Media, and Technology; Political Communication and Innovative Methods

Audiovisual Diversity

Automation and Control Systems


Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Basic Medical Sciences

Battery Laboratory

Behaviour of materials in service

Behavioural Ecology & Ecophysiology

Behavioural Ecology and Evolution Lab

Berufl Bildung u Weiterbildung

Berufliche Fachrichtung Elektrotechnik-Informatik und Didaktik der Arbeitslehre

Berufspäd. der Metallberufe


Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insb. Marketing

Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbes. Management und Organisation in einer digitalisierten Gesellschaft

BIGSSS – Research Training Group Social Dynamics of the Self (SELF)

Bildung u Sozialisation

Bio-Imaging lab

Bio-Optics & Optical Engineering Lab

Bio-organic chemistry

Biochemical Wastewater Valorization & Engineering (BioWaVE)



Bioenergy systems


Bioinformatics Research Laboratory

Biologische Psychologie und Neuropsychologie

Biomarkers for Neurological Disorders

Biomaterials technology

Biomedical Image Analysis

Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation Group

Biomedical informatics

Biomedical MRI

Biophysical and Bioanalytical Research Laboratory

Biophysics and Biomedical Physics

Biophysics of bone and cartilage

Biosignal analysis and medical imaging

Biotechnology and Molecular Virology (BMV) Laboratory

BISCI Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

BISS Brightlands Institute for Smart Society

Border Cultures

Borders, Migration, Security


BR, Eur. Wirtschafts- u Verfrecht

BR, Grundlagen des PR, BR, Zivilprozessrecht

BR, Int. Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht, Rechtstheorie

BR, Int. WirtschaftsR, Rechtstheorie

BRAIN – Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Interdisciplinary Group

Brain Research Unit – Clinical Drug Research

Breaking Borders

Bürgerliches Recht und Arbeitsrecht

Bürgerliches Recht, insb. Familienrecht, Arbeits- und Sozialrecht, Gender Studies

Business and Law

BWL mdS Innovation und Kompetenztransfer

BWL, Betriebl. Steuerlehre und Wirtschaftsprüfung

BWL, insb. Global Supply Chain Management

BWL, Management Accounting and Information Systems

CAIDE – Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia

Campus Venlo

Cancer Biophysics Laboratory

Cancer cell plasticity

Cancer Center of Eastern Finland (CCEF)

Cancer Imaging

Cancer Profiling

Cancer stress biology

CAPHRI School, Care and Public Health Research Institute

Cardiovascular diseases (CARDIOVASC)

Cardiovascular Genomics

Cardiovascular Genomics

Careers Office

CARIM School for Cardiovascular Diseases

CASPER: Computer Architecture System Performance and Evaluation Research

CAT Lab (Cyprus Acquisition Team)

CCE Circular Chemical Engineering

Cell and Development Biology Laboratory

Cell and Tissue Bank

Center for Applied Neuroscience

Center for applied psychology (CPP)

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Center for Climate Change Research

Center for empirical legal research

Center for Ethics

Center for European Philosophy

Center for Field Studies (UCFS)

Center for Iconographic Studies (CIS)

Center for Oncological Research (CORE)

Center for Statistical Analysis

Center for Teacher Education (CON)

Center for Women’s Studies

Center of Law and Welfare

Center of Modern Greek Studies

Centre for Accountability and Global Development (CAGD)

Centre for Advanced Computing and Modelling

Centre for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe CAS SEE (Rijeka) Moise Palace (Cres Island, Cres)

Centre for Childhood Studies

Centre for Commons Organising, Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER)

Centre for computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA)

Centre for Computational Intelligence

Centre for Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics (CLiPS)

Centre for Conflict and Cooperation

Centre for Copernican Studies

Centre for Creative Writing

Centre for Criminology

Centre for Curatorial Studies

Centre for Designing Experiences in Events and Tourism

Centre for Digital Economy and Finance

Centre for Environment and Society

Centre for Film and Screen Media

Centre for Fiscal Studies

Centre for Health Economics Research and Modelling of Infectious Diseases (CHERMID)

Centre for Ideology and Discourse Analysis (CIDA)

Centre for Industrial Heritage

Centre for Intimate and Sexual Citizenship

Centre for Language Evolution Studies

Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)

Centre for Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

Centre for Logic and Decision Theory

Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis

Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS)

Centre for Migration Studies

Centre for Mind and Behaviour

Centre for Modern Interdisciplinary Technologies

Centre for Myth Studies

Centre for Peace Studies and Conflict Studies

Centre for Philosophical Psychology

Centre for Population, Family and Health

Centre for Public and Policy Engagement

Centre for Public History

Centre for Quantum Optics

Centre for Research and Innovation in Care (CRIC)

Centre for Research in Economic Sociology and Innovation

Centre for Research in Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi)

Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship Innovation Management and Internationalisation (REIMI)

Centre for Research on Environmental and Social Change

Centre for Research on Family

Centre for Research on Resistance Movements

Centre for Social and Economic Network Analysis (SENA)

Centre for Support to Smart and Sustainable Cities

Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (CEV)

Centre for Theatre Research

Centre for Trauma, Asylum and Refugees

Centre for Underwater Archeology

Centre for Urban History

Centre for Urban Transition, Architecture and Urbanism – DeltaLab

Centre for Work, Organization and Society (CWOS)

Centre of Central and Eastern Europe Studies

Centre of Electoral Studies

Centre on the Politics of Representation in Crisis

Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke Recovery

CESyA Audiovisual Accessibility Laboratory – ACCESAUDIO

Chair of Administrative Law

Chair of Administrative Science

Chair of Civil Law

Chair of Civil Procedure Law

Chair of Commercial Law and Corporate Law

Chair of Constitutional Law

Chair of Criminal Law

Chair of Criminal Procedure Law

Chair of European Public Law

Chair of Family Law

Chair of Financial Law

Chair of Foreign Languages

Chair of International and European Private Law

Chair of International Law

Chair of Labour and Social Law

Chair of Maritime and Transportation Law

Chair of Roman Law

Chair of Sociology

Chair of the History of Law and State

Chair of Theory of Law and State, Philosophy of Law, Human Rights and Public Policy

Changing places of social transformation

Characterization Laboratory

ChatPal – Conversational Interfaces Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing of People in Sparsely Populated Areas

Chemische Kristallographie fester Stoffe

Chemische Ökologie

Child Welfare Services

Chronic Diseases

Church music: Eastern Orthodox perspectives

CIN Centre for Integrative Neuroscience

CIN Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience research group

Civil Law Research Group

Client and patient safety in social care service

Clinical Alzheimer Research

Clinical Epilepsy Research

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy

Clinical Psychology & Psychophysiology Lab,

Clinical Sciences 1

Clinical Sciences 2

Co-Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (Cosys-Lab)

Cognitive Systems

Collaborative Antwerp Psychiatric Research Institute (CAPRI)

Communication for Academic and Professional purposes (C-APP)

Communication Networks

Communication, Politics and Citizenship (CP&C)

Communications & Networking Laboratory

Communications Group

Comparative Perinatal Development (CoPeD)

Complex analysis

Complex Functional Materials Laboratory

Complex Systems Interdisciplinary Group

Computation Neuroimaging Group

Computational intelligence

Computational physics and inverse problems

Computational Science Laboratory (UCY-CompSci)

Computational spectral imaging

Computer Lab

Computer, Communications and Systems Architecture


Computional speech

Concrete Technology and Structures Laboratory

Condensed Matter Theory

Conservation and Cultural Restoration

Contemporary Studies

Continuous manufacturing of tablets

Corrosion Laboratory

COSEC (COmputer SECurity Lab)

CPS Clinical Psychological Science

Criminology Research Group

Cross-border Economic Development

Culinary Heritage Centre

Cultural Complexity Lab

Cultural/Literary History

Current Changes in the International Community and its Legal Order

Cybercrime Research Centre

Cyprus Phonetics Laboratory

DACS Departement of Advanced Computing Sciences (joint identity IDS and DKE)


Data Analytics and Digitalization (DAD)

Datafication of healthcare and social services – politics and practices


Deaprtment of Insurance and Medical Law

Deifferential Equations and Applications

Departament of Constitutional Law

Department od Technology and Techniques of Works of Art.

Department of economic theory

Department of economic theory

Department of accounting

Department of Accounting

Department of Administrative Law

Department of Algebra and Geometry

Department of Allergology, Clinical Immunology and Internal Diseases

Department of American Literature and Literary Translation

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Department of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy

Department of Anatomy

Department of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Comparative Studies

Department of Animal Physiology and Neurobiology

Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematics in Economics

Department of Applied Physics

Department of Architecture and Urbanism

Department of Art History

Department of Artistic Research and Museum Studies

Department of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Department of Automatics and Measurement Systems

Department of Automation and Electronics,

Department of Balkan Studies

Department of Basic and Preclinical Sciences

Department of Basic Clinical Skills and Postgraduate Education for Nurses and Midwifes

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Biomaterials and Cosmetic Chemistry

Department of Biomedical and Polymer Chemistry

Department of Biopharmacy

Department of Biophotonics and Optical Engineering

Department of Biophysics

Department of Biophysics

Department of Biostatistics and Biomedical Systems Theory

Department of Business Communication

Department of Business Excellence

Department of Cardiac Surgery

Department of Cardiology and Clinical Pharmacology

Department of Cardiology and Internal Diseases

Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Department of Chemical Technology

Department of Chemical Technology of Pharmaceuticals

Department of Chemistry of Materials, Adsorption and Catalysis

Department of Christian Philosophy

Department of Civil Law

Department of Classical Studies

Department of Clinical Biochemistry

Department of Clinical Genetics

Department of Clinical Neuropsychology

Department of Clinical Pharmacology

Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

Department of Cognitive and Comparative Psychology

Department of Cognitive Science

Department of Combinatorics and Symbolic Computation

Department of Commercial Law, Civil Procedure and Maritime Law

Department of Communication, Media and Journalism

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Modelling of Materials and Structures

Department of Computer Science

Department of computer sciences

Department of Conservation&Restoration – Architecture&Sculpture

Department of Conservation&Restoration – Modern&Contemporary Art.

Department of Conservation&Restoration – Paintings&Polychrome Sculpture

Department of Conservation&Restoration – Paper&Leather

Department of Construction Organization and Technology

Department of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Dermatology

Department of Criminal Law

Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics

Department of Croatian Language and Literature

Department of Cultural and Historical Heritage

Department of Cultural Studies

Department of Cultural Studies

Department of Cultural Studies

Department of Dermatology and Venereology

Department of Diagnostic Imaging

Department of Diagnostics and Clinical Sciences

Department of Differential Equations

Department of Drawing

Department of Early Childhood and Civic Education

Department of Ecology and Biogeography

Department of Econometrics and Statistics

Department of Economic Policy and Regional Studies

Department of Economics

Department of Editing, Publishing and Polish Literature

Department of Education

Department of Education and Media

Department of Educational Sciences

Department of Electric Power Systems,

Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Computing

Department of Emergency Medicine

Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology

Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Department of Engineering Mechanics

Department of Engineering Mechanics

Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics

Department of English Language and Literature

Department of Enterprise Management

Department of entrepreneurial economics

Department of Environmental Chemistry and Bioanalysis

Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Department of Environmental Protection Law and Public Economic Law

Department of Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems

Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

Department of EU economics and policy

Department of European Studies

Department of Experimental Linguistics

Department of Family Medicine

Department of Finance

Department of finance and banking

Department of Financial Accounting

Department of Financial Management

Department of fluid mechanics and computational engineering

Department of Food and Nutrition

Department of foreign languages

Department of Foreign Languages in Business

Department of Forensic Medicine

Department of Functional Analysis

Department of Functional Pedagogy

Department of Gastroenterology and Nutrition Disorders

Department of General and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Department of General, Gastroenterological and Oncological Surgery

Department of General, Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgery

Department of Genetics

Department of Geobotany and Landscape Planning

Department of Geology and Hydrogeology

Department of Geomatics and Cartography

Department of Geomorphology and Quaternary Paleogeography

Department of Geotechnics,

Department of Geriatrics

Department of German and Japanese Linguistics and Translation Studies

Department of German Language and Literature

Department of Graphic Arts

Department of Haematology

Department of Health Economics

Department of Health Promotion

Department of Histology and Embryology

Department of Historic Theology

Department of History

Department of History of Art.

Department of History of Art.&Culture

Department of History of Educational Sciences

Department of History of Legal and Political Thought and German Law

Department of History of Philosophy, Systematic Philosophy and Ethics

Department of History of Polish Literature and Cultural Tradition

Department of Hospitality, Gastronomy and Restaurant Business

Department of Human Biology

Department of Human Physiology

Department of Human Resource Management

Department of Human Rights

Department of Hydraulic Engineering,

Department of Hydrobiology

Department of Hydrology and Water Management

Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology, Ergonomics and Postgraduate Education

Department of Immunology

Department of Immunology

Department of industrial engineering and management

Department of Infectious Diseases and Hepatology

Department of Informatics

Department of Information Space Research

Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Department of Inorganic and Coordination Chemistry

Department of Interior Design and Sculpture

Department of Intermedia

Department of International Economic Investments

Department of international economics

Department of International Economics and Development

Department of International Public Law and European Law

Department of International Relations

Department of International Security

Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Department of Investment and Real Estate

Department of Italian Language and Literature

Department of Italian Literature and Literatures in Spanish

Department of Knowledge Management

Department of Laboratory Medicine

Department of Labour Law

Department of Literary Anthropology and New Media

Department of Literary Theory and Comparative Studies

Department of Literature and Culture of the German-Speaking Countries in the 19th-21st centuries

Department of Literature, Culture and Comparative Studies of the German-Speaking Countries

Department of Logic

Department of Logistics

Department of Logistics and Tourism Resources

Department of Lung Diseases, Neoplasms and Tuberculosis

Department of Management

Department of Management Accounting

Department of Marine Engineering and Energetics

Department of Maritime and Transportation Technology

Department of Maritime Logistics and Management

Department of marketing

Department of Marketing

Department of materials science and engineering

Department of Mathematical Physics

Department of Mathematical Statistics and Data Mining

Department of Mathematics

Department of mathematics,physics and oreign languages

Department of Mechanical Engineering Design

Department of Medical Biology and Biochemistry

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Department of Meteorology and Climatology

Department of Micro and Macroeconomics

Department of Microbiology

Department of Microbiology

Department of multidisciplinary courses of study

Department of Nanophotonics

Department of national economy and development

Department of National Security

Department of Nautical Sciences

Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,

Department of Neonatology

Department of Nephrology, Hypertension and Internal Diseases

Department of Neurology

Department of Neurosurgery

Department of Neurosurgery and Neurology

Department of Nonlinear Mathematical Analysis

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Oncology

Department of Oncological Surgery

Department of Oncology

Department of Oncology and Brachytherapy

Department of Ophthalmology

Department of Oral Medicine

Department of Oral Surgery

Department of Organic Chemistry

Department of Organic Chemistry

Department of organisation and management

Department of Organisational Behaviour and Marketing

Department of Oriental Studies

Department of Orthodontics

Department of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Trauma Surgery

Department of Otolaryngology and Oncology

Department of Otolaryngology, Phoniatrics and Audiology

Department of Paediatrics, Allergology and Gastroenterology

Department of Paediatrics, Haematology and Oncology

Department of Painting

Department of Palliative Care

Department of Pathobiochemistry and Clinical Chemistry

Department of Pathology

Department of Pathophysiology

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Department of Perinatology, Gynaecology and Gynaecologic Oncology

Department of Periodontology

Department of Perioperative Nursing

Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Philosophy

Department of Physical Chemistry

Department of Physical Chemistry and Polymer Physical Chemistry

Department of Physics

Department of Physics Education

Department of Physiotherapy

Department of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology

Department of Plastic Surgery

Department of Polish Language

Department of Political Philosophy and Political Theory

Department of Political Systems

Department of Political Thought

Department of Practical Philosophy

Department of Practical Theology

Department of Preventive Nursing

Department of Principles of Medical Law

Department of Print and Digital Media

Department of Probability Theory and Stochastic Analysis

Department of Propaedeutics of Medicine and Infection Control

Department of Prosthodontics

Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Department of Public Finance

Department of Public Finances Law

Department of Public Health Protection and Animal Welfare

Department of Quality and Controlling

Department of Quality of Life Research and Applied Sociology

Department of Quantitative Economics

Department of quantitative economy

Department of Quantum Chemistry and Atomic Spectroscopy

Department of Quantum Physics

Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

Department of Rehabilitation

Department of Rehabilitation, Social Recovery and Long-Term Care

Department of Rheumatology and Connective Tissue Diseases

Department of Roman and Canon Law,History of Law and State Structures

Department of Romance Languages

Department of Romance Literary Studies

Department of School Education

Department of Science and Higher Education Research

Department of Sense Organ Research

Department of Slavonic Languages

Department of Slavonic Literatures

Department of Social and Cultural Security

Department of Social and Environmental Psychology

Department of Social and Medical Sciences

Department of Social Ecology

Department of Social Pedagogy and Social Work

Department of Social Philosophy

Department of Social Sciences nad Canonic Law

Department of Sociology of Social Change

Department of Soil Science and Landscape Management

Department of Spatial Planning and Tourism

Department of statistics

Department of Strategic Studies

Department of Structural Engineering,

Department of Systematic Theology

Department of Teaching Methods in the Field of Arts and Humanities

Department of Teaching Methods in the Field of Natural and Social Sciences

Department of Theory of Education

Department of Theory of Language

Department of Theory of Law and State

Department of Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering

Department of Thoracic and Tumour Surgery

Department of Tourism

Department of Toxicology and Bromatology

Department of Transplantology and General Surgery

Department of Transportation Engineering

Department of Urban Studies and Regional Development

Department of Urology

Department of Urology and Andrology

Department of Vascular and Internal Diseases

Department of Vascular Surgery and Angiology

Department of Vertebrate Zoology

Department of Veterinary Surgery

Department of Work Organization in Hospitality


Deutsch als Fremdsprache/DaZ

Developing Occupational Well-being of Health Care Teachers in Estonia – participatory action research

Development processes, actors and policies

Developmental Psychopathology Lab

Diabetes and Heart Disease Research Unit

Diagnosis of Electrical Machines and Insulating Material (DIAMAT)


Didaktik Chemie

Didaktik der Biologie

Didaktik der deutschen Sprache und Literatur _x000D_ für den Elementar- und Primarbereich

Didaktik der Mathematik (Grundschule / Elementarbereich)

Didaktik der Mathematik, Sekundarstufe

Didaktik der Mathematik, Sekundarstufe I

Didaktik der Physik

Didaktik der Politikwissenschaft

Didaktik der Romanischen Sprachen

Didaktik des Sachunterrichts – SP naturw. Bereich

Didaktik Deutsch, schulbezogene Medienwissenschaft

Didaktische Gestaltung multimedialer Lernumgebungen

Digital Aestheticization of Fragile Environments (DigiFREN)

Digital Architectural and prototype systems development Lab

Digital Business, insbes. Management digitaler Transformationen

Digital Fabrication Lab

Digital Geosciences

Digital Humanities and Language in Society

Digital Humanities Geoinformatics Laboratory

Digitale Medien

Digitale Medizin

Direct microplastic exposure via foodstuff and food packaging – plastic leachables and their health effects (diMPex) Project

Diskrete Optimierung

Displays and Photonic Applications Group

Distributed Control Systems and Networks

Division af Mathematical Analysis

Division of Algebra and Number Theory

Division of Cognitive Sciences

Division of Discrete Mathematics

Division of Experimental and Applied Physics

Division of Physical Education

Division of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

Division of Translation Studies

DMG Department of Molecular Genetics

DMSL: Data Management Systems Laboratory

Drill and welding laboratory

Drosophila Development and Homeostasis Laboratory

Drosophila Infection and Carcinogenesis Laboratory

Dynamics and Fracture of Structural Elements

Dynamics, Mathematical Analysis & Artificial Intelligence

Early Childhood Education Research Lab

Early Childhood Special Education

Early years education

Earth System Diagnostics

Earth-System Data Science

Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

Ecology and Biodiversity

Ecology and Biodiversity Lab



Economics of Health and Medicine

Economics of Technical Change

Economics Research Centre




Educational administration and evaluation

Educational Research and Development (ERD)

Educational technology

Educational technology (TOTY)

Effectiveness of cancer diagnostic and therapy, attitudes of patients and physicians, and how patients socioeconomical status interferes these aspects


Electrical energy networks and systems group (REDES)

Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory

Electromagnetics and Novel Applications Laboratory

Electron microscopy for materials research (EMAT)

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Electronic Design, Test and Reliability Lab

Electronic Power Systems Group (GSEP)

Elementarmathematik fd Elementar- und Primarbereich

Embedded and Application Specific Systems on Chip Laboratory


Embryology / Developmental Biology and Stem Cells Laboratory

Emp.Lehr-Lern-Forschung u Päd Psychologie

EMPHASIS Research Centre


Endformnahe Fertigungstechnologien

Endocannabinoid system as a drug target

Energiespeicher- u. -wandlersysteme

Energy and Environmental Design of Building Research Laboratoy

Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings (EMIB)

Energy Economics

Energy Systems Engineering

Engineering Management

Engineering Management Group

Englische Sprachwissenschaft

Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Environment, Society and Development in Latin America (ESDLA)

Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory

Environmental catalysis

Environmental ecology

Environmental Ecology & Applied Microbiology (ENdEMIC)

Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Environmental History of the Twentieth Century Finland

Environmental informatics

Epidemiologie, mdS Prävention u Evaluation

Epigenetics and Gene Regulation Laboratory

Epigenomics of vitamin D

Epilepsy Research

ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLG)

Essex Accounting Centre

Essex Biomedical Sciences Centre (EBSC)

Essex Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (ExCESS)

Essex Centre for Macro and Financial Econometrics

Essex Finance Centre (EFiC)

Essex Plant Innovation Centre (EPIC)


Ethnologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Transkulturelle Prozesse

Eupalinos- Construction Engineering and Water Distribution Laboratory

Europabezogene Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften

European Economy

Evidenzbasierte Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention

Evolutionary Computation and Neural Networks (EVANNAI)

Evolutionary ecology group (EVECO)

EW mdS Bildungsverläufe und Diversität

Existential Wellbeing

Experimental Mechanics, Calculations and Transport Group (MECATRAN)

Experimental Neurobiology Unit (ENU)

Experimental Pharmacology ​Laboratory

Experimental Psychology Lab

Experimentelle Marine Ökologie

Experimentelle Biophysik

Experimentelle Biophysik – Membranphysik

Experimentelle Festkörperphysik

Experimentelle Festkörperphysik mdS Strukturananlyse/Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie

Extracellular Vesicle Research

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Pharmacy

Family Medicine

FAR (Freedom and Regulation – Law and Private Will in the Shaping of the Markets)


FCCV Food Claims Centre Venlo

FEELGOOD: Effective Promotion of healthy lifestyle and mental wellbeing among disadvantaged groups lang=en

Fernerkundung der Atmosphäre





Financial Economics

Fine particle and aerosol technology

Finnish FTD Research Network (FinFTD)

Finno-Ugric Minority Languages and Language Contacts

Fluid Mechanics Group

Food Education and Eating Behaviour Research Group

Food Research

Food Research and Health Connects

Food Technology and Quality Control

Food Valley

Forensic Medicine and Criminalistics

Forest bioeconomy foresight

Forest ecology and biodiversity

Forest economics

Forest health and biodiversity management

Forest information technology

Forest management and ecosystem services

Forest mensuration science

Forest policy

Forest soil science

Forschungsmethoden und Evaluation

FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy

Frankoromanistik: Literaturwissenschaft

Freeze-drying of biologicals

Fremdsprachendidaktik Englisch

From Fundamental Optics to Applied Biophotonics

Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration and Early Onset Dementia

FSE STEM Graduate School

Fullerene and Supramolecular Chemistry Research Laboratory

Functional Morphology

Functional surfaces

Fundamental Issues in Criminal Law

Fundamental Mathematics

GAIA Laboratory of Environmental Engineering

GAST- Telematic Applications and Services Group

Gastroenterological surgery

Gender and Rurality

General Pathology and Pathological Anatomy

Genetic Laboratory

Genetics of gene regulation in disease

Genetics of Violent Crime

Geobiologische Ozeanographie


Geobotanik, Vegetationskunde

Geochemie, Hydrogeologie

Geologie der Polargebiete

Geologie der Tropen

Geomechanics Laboratory


Geomorphol., Polarforschung


Geowiss. Paläoklimaforschung

Geschichte d Frühen Neuzeit

Geschichte des Mittelalters

Geschichte und Theorie der Religionen, Islam




Global Environmental Changes

Global Health Institute (GHI)

Global Social Work and Development: Research, Pedagogy & Change

Globale nachhaltige Ressourcen

Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development

Globalization, Integration Processes and International Cooperation


Government and Law

Grammar and Pragmatics

Grammar, Lexis, Discourse and History

Grand Duchy, Nation-state and Empire

Graphics and Extended Reality Lab

Grenzflächen in der Bio-Nano-Werkstofftechnik

Group of Radio Technologies and Applications

Group on Company Innovation, Organization and Marketing

GROW School for Oncology and Reproduction

Growing up as a theologian

GSPN Graduate School of Psychology and Neuroscience

GWFP Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Hare research

Health and Human Services Informatics RG

Health Ecology

Health Economics Research Group (HERG)

Health Psychology and occupational health psychology

Heart surgery imaging

Henry van de Velde

Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Chemical Technology Research Laboratory

High Energy Particle Physics

Histology and Embryology

Historical developments in medical education

Historical Image Studies Research Group

Histories of Global Latin Capitalisms (H-GLACIAL)

Historiography and history of religions

Historische Musikwissenschaft

History of Human-Animal Interactions

History of today’s world Culture and Technology


Holistic Electronics Laboratory

Human Brain Disease Modelling

Human Language and Accessibility Technologies (HULAT)

Human Rights Centre

Human Rights, State of Law, and Democracy

Iberoromania, Lit.wiss.

IDDP – Intervention | Dietery | Diabetes | Pregnancy

Identification Systems Testing Laboratory – IDTestingLab


Immune system in skin cancers




Implementationsforschung und Evidenzbasierte Prävention

In Silico Modelling group

Indoor environment and occupational health

Industrial Property and New Technologies (PROINDTEN)

Industrial Vision Lab (InViLab)

Infectious Diseases

Informatik mdS Digitalisierung öffentlicher Dienste

Informatikmeth zur adaptiven Steuerg v Produktion u Logistik

Informations- und Wissensmanagement

Inhalation toxicology

Inklusive Pädagogik mdS Inklusive Didaktik

Inklusive Pädagogik, Förderschwerpunkte Geistige Entwicklung und Lernen

Innovation on Digital Media

Innovatives Markenmanagement und Marketing

Inorganic Chemistry Research Laboratory

Inorganic Nanocrystals Laboratory

Institiute of Engineering and Technology

Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS)

Institute for Applied and Physical Chemistry; Hybrid Materials Interfaces; Neurobiochemistry; General and Theoretical Ecology; Environmental Process Engineering; Chemical Process Engineering; Marine Ecology;

Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)

Institute for the Development of Enterprises and Markets (INDEM)

Institute for the Study of Literature in the Low Countries (ISLN)

Institute of Archeology

Institute of Astronomy

Institute of Biology

Institute of Culture and Technology

Institute of Culture Studies

Institute of Educational Sciences

Institute of History and Archival Sciences

Institute of Information and Communication Research

Institute of Jewish Studies

Institute of Linguistics

Institute of Literary Studies

Institute of Philosophy

Institute of Photonics

Institute of Physics

Institute of Policy and Governance

Institute of Political Science

Institute of Psychology

Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing

Institute of Security Studies

Institute of Sociology

Institute of Veterinary Medicine

Instrumental Analysis Research Laboratory

Instrumentelle Analytik

Integrated management and services in health and social care

Integrated Molecular Plant Physiology Research (IMPRES)

Integrative Simulation and Engineering of Materials and Prozesses

Intellectual Capital Management

Intelligence in PRocesses, Advanced Catalysts and Solvents (iPRACS)

Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Interacting Minds, Societies, Environments

Interactive Systems (DEI)

Interactive technologies

Interaktive Visualisierung großer Wissenschaftsdaten

Interdisciplinary Centre for Emigration Studies

Interdisciplinary Innovation in Personalized Medicine Team

Interdisciplinary Regional and Border Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Centre

Interkulturelle Bildung

Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory

Internal Medicine

International Buisiness u Governance

International Business and Sales Management (IBS)

International Politics

International Research Circle on Marketing and Company Competitiveness

Internationale Beziehungen und Weltgesellschaft

Internet Data Lab (IDLab)

Interpreting Lab

Interuniversity Institute for Cultural Communication

Interventional Radiology

Intracranial Aneurysm Group

Inverse Modelling of the Earth System

IP mdS Sprache


IT Department

ITEM Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility

Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence

Jean Monnet Inter-University Centre of Excellence Opatija

Journalism and Social Analysis: Evolution, Effects and Trends (PASEET)

Kaarniranta AMD Lab

Keramische Wertsteile und Baustoffe

Kfz Elektronik u Grundlagen der Etechnik

KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence


Klinische Epidemiologie und Pharmakoepidemologie

KMW mdS Digitale Kommunikation

KMW mdS Medien Governance und Plattform-Ökonomie

KMW mdS Medienkultur und Kommunikationstheorie

KMW mdS Methodeninnovation

Knowledge Reusing

Kommunikation museumsbezog. Wissenschaftsgeschichte


KuBiCo – Kuopio Birth Cohort Research

Kullaa Research group

Kulturwissenschaft mdS Kultur in Praxis und Transfer (Public Anthropology)

Kulturwissenschaft/Kulturgeschichte Ost- und Ostmitteleuropas

Künstliche Intelligenz

Kunstpäd., Bildende Kunst u. Kunstgesch.

Kunstpäd., Neue Medien

Kunstwissenschaft und Ästhetische Theorie

Kuopio Musculoskeletal Research Unit (KMRU)

Kuopio Pediatric Research Unit – KUPRU – Research Projects

Kuopio research centre of geriatric care

Lab for Equilibrium Investigations and Aerospace (LEIA)

Laboratory Experimental Medicine and Pediatrics (LEMP)

Laboratory for Application of Information Technologies in Education

Laboratory for Archiving, Study and Publication of Excavation’s Projects

Laboratory for Biomaterials & Biomedical Devices

Laboratory for Colloids, Polyelectrolytes and Interfaces

Laboratory for Data Engineering and Computational Linguistics

Laboratory for Development of Information Systems

Laboratory for Envirnomental Analysis

Laboratory for Experimental Hematology (LEH)

Laboratory for Experimental Psychology

Laboratory for Geotechnical Engineering,

Laboratory for Hydraulic Engineering,

Laboratory for Instrumental Research

Laboratory for Internet Computing (LINC)

Laboratory for Macro-molecular Research

Laboratory for Materials,

Laboratory for Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene (LMPH)

Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Soft Computing

Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Soft Computing

Laboratory for Precision Engineering and Micro- and Nanosystems Technologies

Laboratory for Quantum and Nonlinear Optics

Laboratory for Scanning Electron Microscopy

Laboratory for Semantic Technologies

Laboratory for Surface Science

Laboratory for Synthesis of Functional Materials

Laboratory for Thin Films

Laboratory for Transport Measurements

Laboratory for transportational engineering,

Laboratory for Work Envirnoment Research

Laboratory in Assistance Robotics (ASROB)

Laboratory Méthodal OpenLab

Laboratory of adsorption and catalysis (LADCA)

Laboratory of Antennas and RF Anechoic Chamber

Laboratory of cell biology and histology

Laboratory of Impact on Aeronautical Structures – ImpactLab

Laboratory of manufacturing of printed circuits

Laboratory of Medical Microbiology (LMM)

Laboratory of Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis

Laboratory of Optoelectronics and Laser Technology

Laboratory of Ultrafast Science

Laboratory of Urbanism

Laboratory on Metric Information Studies (LEMI)

Labour Economics

Labour law, economic changes, and a new society

Laments in Contemporary Finland

Land Surveying Laboratory

Language Centre

Language, Literacy, and Education

Lattice QCD

Law and Development

Law Enforcement

Leadership careers of dentists and physicians

Learning in the Natural Sciences and the Environment

Lebenslaufbezogene Sozialpolitik

Ledra and Building Material Laboratory

Legal Person, Trusts and Separate Patrimony

Leinonen Retina Laboratory

Leistungselektronik mdS leistungselektronische Bauelemente

LExEcon, the Laboratory for Experimental Economics

Lightweight Structures Dynamics

Linguistic Variation, Social Class and Experiences of Inequality

Linguistik des Deutschen

Lipidomics and extracellular vesicles in inflammatory disease

Literary Mobilitie

Logic and Philosophy of Science


Lαb of Transport Engineering

Maastricht Imaging Valley

Maastricht MultiModel Molecular Imaging Institute (M4I)

Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

Maastricht Sustainability Institute (MSI)

Maastricht University Science, Technology and Society Studies

Machine learning

Machine Learning for Data Science (ML4DS)

MACHLAB: Laboratory Machines

Macro, International and Labour Economics (MILE)

Macroeconomic and Financial Prediction and Analysis


MaCSBio Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology



Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management und Organisationsentwicklung im Gesundheitswesen


Manufacturing and Materials Modeling Laboratory

MAPEX – Center for Materials Science and Processes

Marine Environmental Technology / Deep-Sea Engineering

Marine Geochemie

Marine Geophysik

Marine Geotechnik

Marine Ingenieurgeologie

Marine Seismik

Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory


Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM)

Marketing und Konsumentenverhalten

MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

MASI – Medication administration safety & Interventions

Mass and Energy Transfer Laboratory

Material synthesis and processing

Mathematical Methods

Mathematics & Computer Science, Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Mathematics Education

Mathematische Grundlagen der Datenanalyse

Mathematische Modellierung

Mathematische Statistik

Maxillofacial Surgery

MCM Mathematics Centre Maastricht

Meaning in the times of pandemic

Mechanical and Biomechanical Component Manufacturing and Design Technology

Media Digital Usage systems’ Analysis Lab

Media, ICT and interpersonal relations in Organisations and Society (MIOS)

Media, Movements and Politics (M2P)

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biology and Genetics

Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and clinical chemistry

Medical Genetics (MEDGEN)

Medical Informatics

Medical Physics and Biophysics

Medicinal Chemistry (UAMC)

Medicinal Chemistry Division,

Medicinal Organic Synthesis Research Group

Medieval Adriatic Heritage Research Centre Rijeka (RiMaH)

Medieval Studies Centre





Memory & Attention Development Lab

Memory of the Repression

MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine

MesArch: Research Laboratory in the History and Theory of Modern Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean

Messtechnik, Automatisierung, Qualitätswissenschaft

Metabolic Diseases of Civilization

Metabolic MR Imaging Group

Metabolism and transport of drugs and xenobiotics

Metal – Organic Materials Research Laboratory

Methoden der molekularen Epidemiologie mdS Gesundheit im Kindes- und Jugendalter

MGSL Maastricht Graduate School of Law

MHeNs School for Mental Health and Neuroscience

Michael Nicholson Centre for Conflict and Cooperation

Micro and Public Economics (MPE)

Microbiology and Parasitology

Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

Microelectronic Design and Applications (DMA)

Microwave Photonics Laboratory

Microwaves & Antennas Laboratory




Mikroelektronik mdS Digitale Systeme



Mitochondrial biology

Mittelstandsforschung, Existenzgründung und Entrepreneurship

Mobbing as a Labour Risk

Mobile Communications and Networking (MCN)

Modeling, Numerical Simulation and Industrial Mathematics

Modellierung von Geosystemen

Modellierung von Sedimentationsprozessen

Molecular and Systems Biomedicine Division

Molecular Brain Research

Molecular Cell Biology Lab

Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab

Molecular genetics of Alzheimer’s disease

Molecular Imaging and Radiology (MIRA)

Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology

Molecular Medicine Research Center- CY-Biobank

Molecular Modeling and Drug Design

Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Research Group

Molecular modelling

Molecular Neurodegeneration

Molecular Pathology and Genetics of Cancer

Molecular Physiology

Molecular Spectroscopy (MolSpec)

Molecular Spectroscopy Research Laboratory

Molekulare Genetik der Pflanzen

Molekulare Physiologie mariner Organismen


Movement Antwerp (MOVANT)


MU-CEN Maastricht University CEnter for Neuroeconomics

Multicore Computer Architecture Laboratory, multiCAL

Multilingual Communication

Multimedia Processing Group

Multiscale Imaging Group

Multisensorische Interaktive Systeme


MUST Maastricht University Graduate School of Sustainability Science & Policy

Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung in der Globalisierung

Nachhaltiges Management


Nanostructured And Multifunctional Materials

Nanostructured and organic optical and electronic materials (NANOrOPT)

Nanostructured Materials and Devices Laboratory

National Laboratory of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Natural Products & Food Research and Analysis – Pharmaceutical Technology (NatuRAPT)

Nature-inspired machine learning

Negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution

NESTOR Research Group


Network Technologies

Networks Research Laboratory (NetRL)

Neuere und Neueste deutsche Literaturgeschichte; Literaturtheorie

Neuere und Neueste Geschichte

Neuere und Neueste Geschichte mdS Geschichte Lateinamerikas

Neuro-impact and Innovation (NOVA) Research Team

Neurobiology of Disease

Neurobiology of Memory

Neurobiology of schizophrenia

Neurocognitive Research Lab

Neuroinflammation Research



Neuropharmacology and Drug Targets Consortium




Nireas International Water Research Center

Nomos. Research group on political thought and ancient law and its reception

Non-discrimination and Rights in Europe

Non-parametric and Computation-Intensive Techniques in Statistics

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics

NP&PP Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology

NPH and Early AD Group

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Physics Laboratory

Numerical Methods and Applications Group

Numerik part. Differentialgleichungen


Nursing terminology

NUTRIM School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism

Nutritional epidemiology research group

Oat-Gut-Brain Study

Occupational health psychology, epidemiology, life course approach

Oceanography Centre

Ocular drug delivery

Öffentliches Recht, Europarecht, Sozialrecht, Geschlechter- und Vielfaltsdimensionen im Recht

Office for Students with Disabilities

Ökologie mariner Tiere

Ökonomie der Sozialpolitik

Ökophysiologie des marinen Phytoplantkons Biologie

Old and New Institutions – Challenges and Changes in an Interdisciplinary Perspective

On-going Study on Research Areas in Accounting and Finance

Oncology and Radiotherapy

Online Journalism Labservatory


Operations Research


Optimal Diagnostics Laboratory (ODx)

Optimierung, optionale Steuerung

Optoelectronics and Laser Technology Group (GOTL)

ÖR, insb. Vw.recht mdSp Umweltrecht

ÖR, Verfassungsrecht, Staatstheorie, Rechtsphilosophie, Transnationales Recht

Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory

Organic synthesis (ORSY)

Organisation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (OSE)

Organische Funktionsmaterialien

Organische Geochemie

Organische Sedimentologie

Organometallic synthesis

Orthodox Christianity in Finland: Practices and Lived Religion

Orthopedics and Physical Medicine

Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery


Päd.u.Didaktik d Grundschule u d Elementarbereichs

Pain Neuromodulation Group


Pantsar dynamics

Parables as Persuasive Narratives

Partial differental equations

Particle Physics Group


Pediatric Surgery


Perception, Cognition and Language

Performing Arts, Literature and Disability (ReDiArt-XXI)

Peripheral Neuropathies Group

Personal Rights and Property Rights

Persönlichkeitspsychologie und Psychologische Diagnostik

Petrologie der Ozeankruste

Pflegewissenschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Implementierung und Evaluation

Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung

Ph.& CC. Philosophy and Cultural Criticism

Pharmaceutical physics

Pharmaceutical policy

Pharmaceutical technology

Pharmacoeconomics & outcomes

Photovoltaic Technology Laboratory

Phys. Ozeanographie d. Polarmeere

Physical Chemistry of Colloids and Interfaces (PCCI) Laboratory

Physics / Electrical Engineering, Mathematics / Computer Science, Production Engineering, Law, Business Studies & Economics, BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH, ISL – Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics

Physics and mathematics education

Physik des Klimasystems

Physik des Klimasystems

Physik des Meereises

Physikalische Chemie (Katalyse, Oberfläche)

Physikalische Chemie (Kinetik, Spektroskopie)

Physiology, immunology and pathophysiology

Physiopharmacology (PHYSPHAR)


Physische Geographie mit dem SP Klimageographie

Plang u Steuerg produktionstech u log Systeme

Planning and Learning Group

Plant and Ecosystems (PLECO) – Ecology in a time of change

Plant biology

Plasma Lab for Applications in Sustainability and Medicine – Antwerp (PLASMANT)

Plasmas and Space Propulsion Team (EP2)

Plasmas Physics

Polar Research Center (NCU Polar Station on Spitzbergen)

Polare Biologische Ozeanographie

Polare und marine Seismologie

Polish-Chinese Centre for Tourism Research

Political Economy of Institutions and Conflict

Political, Public and Welfare Economics

Politics & Public Governance

Politics and Culture in Europe

Politik in der Weltgesellschaft

Politikfeldanalyse I

Politikwiss., Internat. Bez.

Politische Theorie

Polnische Historische Mission an der Julius-Maximilians-Universitat Wurzburg

Polymer Composites and Interphases

Polymer processing laboratory

Polymer Science and Multifunctional Nanomaterials

Polymer Science Research Laboratory

Polymers and Composites

Polymers Laboratory



Porous Solids Research Laborator

Post-Ownership as an Interpretation and Experience of Economic Change

Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies

Powder Technology

Powder Technology Laboratory

Power in History – Centre for Political History

Power System Modelling Laboratory (PSM)

Power Systems and Power Electronics Laboratory

Power Systems Control

Power Systems Pilot Side

Präparative Organische Chemie

Predicting the outcome and toxicity in radiotherapy of head and neck cancers – TIARA

Primary and interdisciplinary care Antwerp (ELIZA)

Process informatics

Prodrugs and drug delivery

Product development

Produktionswirtsch. u. Industriebetriebslehre

Professionalisation of Public Service Interpreting

Prolonged cough

ProSchool – Positive Behavior Support Interventions in education

Protein Chemistry, Proteomics & Epigenetic Signaling (PPES)

Prozessgerechte Technologiegestaltung

Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine

Psychological Counseling Center

Public Discourse Monitoring Centre

Public Health

Public policies on security and crisis management

Public Policy and Politics

Qualitative Methoden und Mikrosoziologie

Quantitative cell biology

Quantitative Economics (QE)

Quantitative Wirtschaftsforschung u angewandte Statistik

Radiation and chemicals research

Radioanalytical Chemistry Research Laboratory

Radiofrequency, Electromagnetics, Microwaves and Antennas Group (GREMA)

Radiological Diagnostics


Randomized Controlled Trials in Substance Dependence and Antisocial Behavior


Real Estate and Property Law

Real-world Effectiveness of Pharmacological Treatment

Real-world Evidence Team



Redox Signaling

Regional and Local Governance, Social and Territorial Cohesion

Regulatory mechanisms of steroid receptors

Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Religionswissenschaft mdSP Literaturen und Medien der Religionen

Religionswissenschaft mdSP Verflechtungsgeschichte des Christentums

Remote Sensing Laboratory And Imaging Sensors In The Infrared

Research Center for Sustainable Circular Economy

Research Centre for Visual Poetics

Research centre Ruusbroec Institute

Research Group for Public Administrative Law

Research Group for Urban Development

Research Group on Financial and Tax Law

Research Group on Law and Justice (GIDYJ)

Research group on Legal Interpretation and the Philosophy of Law

Research Group on Non-contractual Liabilities

Research Group on Procedural Law and International Police Cooperation

Research Group on Social Security and the Prevention of Labour Risks

Research Group on the History of Universities

Research in developmental language and communication disorders

Research in Niuvanniemi Hospital

Research Institute for Higher Education and Science (INAECU)

Research Laboratory for Foundations of Computing Systems and Theoretical Computer Science

Research Training Group π³ : Parameter Identification – Analysis, Algorithms, Implementations

Respiratory Physiology Laboratory

Responsive Natural Resources Governance Research Group


Rijeka School of Croatian (RKŠ)

Rijeka School of Stylistics (RiSŠ)

ROA Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market

Robotic Construction Laboratory

Robotic Rehabilitation Laboratory

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab


Romanische Sprachwissenschaft mdS Hispanistik

RX Diffraction Laboratory

Saimaa ringed seal research

Schauder centre for Nonlinear Studies

School of Engineering

Schultheorie und Schulentwicklung

Security and Safe Relationships in Diverse Societies

Sedimentdiagenese/Sediment Diagenesis


Semiconductor nanostructures

Sensor Engineering department

Sensors and Instrumentation Techniques (SIT)

Sensors and Robotics Laboratory

Sensory Environments

SERM – Research Center for Socially and Environmentally Responsible Mining

Services of General Interest, Economic Activity and Public Intervention

SHCL Centre for the Social History of Limburg

SHE School of Health Professions Education

Signal Processing and Learning Group (GTSA)

Simulation and Mechanical Optimization Group (SiOMec)

Sirtuin research group

Sleep technology and analytics

Social and Developmental Psychology Labs

Social and health care teachers’ occupational well-being in Finland -research and development project

Social Epidemiology & Health Policy (SEHPO)

Social Medicine and Epidemiology

Social Sciences and Medical Humanities

Social Scientific Biosociety Research Network SOBIO

Social Structure and Population

Society, Technology and Business Law (SOCITEC)

Sociology of Climate Change and Sustainable Development


Software Engineering and Internet Technologies Laboratory (SEIT) lab


Soil Sciences, Microbiology, Agricultural Genetics and Food Quality

Sources of growth: Politics and Institutions in the light of historical experience

Sozial-/Wirtschaftsgeografie und Kulturgeografie

Sozialepidemologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Genderforschung

Sozialpsychologie mit Arbeits- & Organisationspsychologie

Soziologie der Ungleichheit und Sozialstrukturanalyse

Soziologie mdS Arbeit, Bildung und soziale Ungleichheit

Soziologie mdS Migration u Stadtforschung

Soziologie mdS quantitativen Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung

Soziologie mdS Vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung

Soziologische Theorien

Spaces of seclusion in Finnish psychiatric care

Spanish Constitution and European Integration

Spatial Historical Studies

Special and Inclusive Education

Spectral Sensors Laboratory – SPECTRALAB

Speech and Language Pathology Center

Speech and Language Pathology Studies

Sport Pedagogy

Sprachlehr- und -lehrforschung

SR, Strafprozeßrecht, Rechtsphilosophie

SR, Strafprozeßrecht, Vollzugsrecht

SREC (Security Research)

Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis

Statistik mit Schwerpunkt Theorie und Methoden in der Kausalitätsforschung

Statistik, Biometrie

Steel Structures Laboratory

Stem cells and mitochondria


Steroid Receptors and SUMO Modifications in the Regulation of Gene Networks and Cellular Plasticity

Stochastik, dymanische Systeme


Strength of Materials Laboratory


Structural Engineering Laboratory,

Surface Engineering Laboratory

Surfaces Laboratory


Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology (DuEL)

Sustainable Innovation Lab

Synthesis and Testing Laboratory

Synthesis laboratory

Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Research Laboratory

Synthetische Biologie

Systematische Musikwissenschaft

Systemdynamik und Regelungstechnik

Systems Control, Learning and Optimisation Laboratory (CAOS)

Systems Genomics

Targeting cancer cells by magnetic field modified radical reactions and ionizing radiation – TARZAN

TASQ Force – Toruń Astrophysics, Theoretical Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry Team

Teaching, Testing & Translation Lab

Technische Mathematik der Erdsystemwissenschaften

Technische Thermodynamik


Television-Cinema: memory, representation and industry (TECMERIN)

Territory, Environmental Resources and Patrimony. TERAP / Recognition, analysis and arrangement of territory

The Administration of Justice and its Instruments of Work

The Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law

The Center for Language Research (CLAR)

The Centre for Medieval Arts & Rituals (CeMAR)

The Cyprus Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU)

The Data Research Centre of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg

The Dynamics of post-Soviet Eurasia

The four departments of the institute are headed by professors from the faculties 01 (Physics/Electrical Engineering), 04 (Production Engineering) and 12 (Educational Sciences).

The Laboratory of Medical Statistics, Epidemiology and Public Health

The Memory of Violence in a Religious Cult

The physical activity and nutrition in children (PANIC) study

Theoret. E-technik mdS Systeme der Mikro- u Nanoelektronik

Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group

Theoretical and Normative Foundations, Political Economy of the Welfare State, Dynamics of Inequality in Welfare Societies, Life Course, Life Course Policy, and Social Integration, Health, Long-Term Care and Pensions, Methods Research

Theoretische Biologie, Neurobiologie

Theoretische Chemie

Theoretische Festkörperphysik

Theoretische Informatik

Theoretische Physik mdS theoretische Biophysik

Theoretische Physik mdS theoretische Biophysik

Theoretische u. Naturphilosophie

Theory of quantum systems and complex systems

Therapeutische Grundlagen, Didaktik

Thermal Engineering, Energy and Atmosphere (ITEA)

Time Series

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERMeG)

tMFI Maastricht Forensic Institute

Tourism Business

Towards personalized medicine

Toxicological Centre

Toxicology Research Group

Transalational immunology

Transcription factor crosstalk in cancers

Translation and multilingual communication in digital society

Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies (TricS)

Translational Neurosciences (TNW)

Transmission of religion across generations

Transnational church history and local religious communities

Transnational Death

Transnational Russian and German Literature

Transnationale Medienliteraturwissenschaft

Transport and Regional Economics

Transporter-targeted drug delivery

Tropical ecology and edible insects

Tumor Viruses and Cancer Laboratory

Tumor-stroma interaction in melanoma

UC3M EURESEARCH: Multilevel and Comparative Research about the Impact of Globalization on European Society and Politics

UC3M-Fundación Juan March Joint Institute of Social Science (IC3JM)

UC3M-Santander Big Data Institute


UEF – Nordic-UK Brain Network (UEF-NBN)

UEF Neurodegeration – Myohanen Lab

Umweltphysik mdS Erdfernerkundung

Umweltphysik mdS Physik des Ozeans


UndeRstanding FITness and Cardiometabolic Health In Little Darlings (urFIT-child)

Universities Bremen and Oldenburg, Jacobs University Bremen, Universities Bielefeld, Hannover and Copenhagen.

Universities of Bremen (UHB and JUB) and Oldenburg (UOL) and MPIHH

University Centre for Archaeology of Medieval and Early Modern Period

University College Maastricht

University Institute of Economics

University Institute of Law and Economics (IUDEC)

University Institute of Spanish Cinema

University Institute on Gender Studies

University Technological Identification Group (GUTI)

UNU-MERIT United Nations University

Ur- u Frühgeschichte

Urban Planning and Zoning. Environmental Issues – Public Health and Risk Management


Vascular Biology


Vergl. Staatstätigkeitsforschung und vergl. Sozialpolitik

Vergleichende Politische Ökonomie

VernArch LAB: Research Laboratory in the Vernacular Architecture of Cyprus


Veterinary physiology and biochemistry

VIB CMN – Applied and Translational Neurogenomics

VIB CMN – Computational Neurobiology

VIB CMN – Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease

VIB CMN – Microglia and Inflammation in Neurological Disorders (MIND) lab

VIB CMN – Molecular Neurogenomics

VIB CMN – Neurodegenerative Brain Diseases Group

Vibration Analysis and Signal Processing Laboratory

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Vision lab

Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi)

Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi)

Visuelle Kultur

Volatolomics Research Laboratory

VWL – Innovations- und Strukturökonomik

VWL / Makroökonomik

VWL, Evoluterische Ökonomik

VWL, insbesondere Institutioneller Wandel

Water chemistry and microbiology