DACS Departement of Advanced Computing Sciences (joint identity IDS and DKE)


Maastricht University


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Research Field(s)

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics (Applied), Robotics

Key Words

Affective & Visual Computing Lab (AVCL), Algorithms, Complexity, and Optimization (ALGOPT), Cognitive Robotics and Complex Self-Organising Systems (SwarmLab), Cybersecurity (SecLab), Dynamic Game Theory (DGT), Explainable and Reliable Artificial Intelligence (ERAI), Game AI & Search (GAIS), Machine Learning (ML), Signals, Complex Systems and Images (SCSI), Accelerating scientific discovery, Improving clinical care and well-being, Empowering communities, Data2Services, Analyzing partitioned FAIR data responsibly, Legal Interference Program for Chatbots.

Contact Name(s)

Mark Winands, Professor

Contact Email(s)