DACS Departement of Advanced Computing Sciences (joint identity IDS and DKE)


Maastricht University


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Research Field(s)

Psychology, Neuroscience

Key Words

Affective & Visual Computing Lab (AVCL), Algorithms, Complexity, and Optimization (ALGOPT), Cognitive Robotics and Complex Self-Organising Systems (SwarmLab), Cybersecurity (SecLab), Dynamic Game Theory (DGT), Explainable and Reliable Artificial Intelligence (ERAI), Game AI & Search (GAIS), Machine Learning (ML), Signals, Complex Systems and Images (SCSI), Accelerating scientific discovery, Improving clinical care and well-being, Empowering communities, Data2Services, Analyzing partitioned FAIR data responsibly, Legal Interference Program for Chatbots.

Contact Name(s)

Marcel Giezen

Contact Email(s)